Experienced beekeepers and novices alike will‍ tell ⁣you, ​managing an overpopulated hive can be quite a⁢ challenge. If you’re lucky, your ⁣bees will simply swarm and⁣ split the colony naturally.​ However, in the majority of‍ cases, an overcrowded hive results⁤ in a loss⁢ of productivity and, in extreme scenarios, the death of the colony. Enter the Taranov Board. A simple solution ⁤that not only manages ⁣the population but also extends the ‍productivity of your bees.

The‍ Taranov Board is a hive splitting tool invented by Russian beekeeper Dr. G.I. Taranov⁤ who used it to prevent‌ colony⁣ collapse from overcrowding. A method so effective, ​yet‌ reasonably uncomplicated, that it allows even beginners to perform a swarm control procedure successfully. Using ⁢this handy tool involves a few steps outlined ‌below:

  • Smoking: Strategically puff smoke into the‌ hive‌ to⁢ encourage the bees out of their home without causing panic or harm.
  • Placing the Board: Place the Taranov board at an angle to the hive‍ entrance.⁢ This board acts as a temporary extension to ‍the hive.
  • Shaking: Shake the frames‌ to encourage the bees onto the board. The queen and⁢ older bees will⁤ gravitate naturally towards‍ the lower end of the ​board, moving back towards the hive. Young worker bees, however, will move uphill,‌ separating from ⁣the queen.
  • Housing: Now the worker bees have separated, they can be safely re-housed in a new hive,⁤ ready to start their own colony with a new⁤ queen.

Managing your hives with ​a Taranov board significantly lessens the threats posed by overcrowding and swarming. By‍ splitting your hive when it’s on the cusp ⁤of​ being too crowded, not only are you ⁤averting disaster, ‌you are also promoting growth. More ​colonies equal more productivity. A simple procedure⁣ with ⁤a Taranov board‌ can turn a potential crisis into an opportunity for⁢ expansion.