Do Bee Smokers And Suits Work On Wasps?

Have you ever wondered if you can walk up to a vicious wasp nest in your beekeeping suit to remove it? Maybe you are considering using your smoker as well to calm them down. Well, I have some answers!

Like anything else, you can buy cheaper or more expensive bee suits, and their quality depends on how much you will suffer from any sting. When it comes to bee smokers, wasps and bees communicate in the same way, so bee smokers could work on wasps if done correctly.

Stay with me as I discuss in a little more depth how your bee suit and bee smoker could protect you against wasps and can even make it possible for you to work with them to remove a nest.

Do Bee Smokers Work On Wasps?

If you see the first sign of wasps on your property, you should take action as fast as you possibly can. You can decide to kill the wasps yourself, or you can call a professional. Either way, you will want to get rid of the nest fast!

You never want to leave a wasp nest. The reason for this is because the wasps will defend their nests. They will be likely to attack you even if you do not come close to their nests. It is best to leave their nest alone and not to go and inspect before you take action of getting rid of the nest. Pest controllers will always advise destroying wasps nests as they are too tough to relocate.

Paper wasps and yellowjackets can be some of the most dangerous types of stinging insects around. They can repeatedly sting because of their stingers not being barbed like a bees’ stinger. They are not friendly insects to have around at all, and they are generally very aggressive. We know that beekeepers use a bee smoker to control honey bees, but how well would they work on wasps?

As you should know, bees are not calmed by the smoke that comes out of a bee smoker. Bees communicate through pheromones and body movement. When you fill the area full of bees with smoke, they will be unable to smell and see and, thus, lose the ability to swarm.

They will then become docile and solitary; because of this, they will have no real awareness that you, as a beekeeper, are raiding their honey supply. Wasps also communicate in this way, so yes, smoke will break their ability to think as a group. Wasps are far more aggressive than bees, and they don’t need a swarm to tell them what to do.

A bee smoker would work on wasps for an entirely different reason and in a different way. The smoker will work as a way for you to be able to choke out the wasps. When you direct the smoke into their nest, the wasps will suffocate, and most of them will die. The wasps that do not die from the smoke will be aggressive and can decide to sting you even without the help of their swarm.

So even if you smoke the wasps you would like to get rid of, they may still attack you individually but not as a swarm. So it would be wrong to assume that you would be safe by smoking out a nest, as they can still decide to attack their own.

If your goal is to only remove the wasp nest without killing them, you will be at much more significant risk of being attacked and stung in the process. It would then be a good idea to dress as most beekeepers would when working with their bees. Let’s discuss beekeeping suits when working with wasps…

Do Bee Suits Work On Wasps?

If you are deciding to eliminate a wasps nest without calling a professional, it is of utmost importance that you wear the appropriate protective gear. Even if you are not a professional, you will still be able to do this task successfully, and there are everyday items that you can cover yourself with to prevent yourself from getting stung!

Adopting and using the correct protective clothing procedures will limit the amount of exposed skin and reduce the risk of getting stung. If you do not cover yourself correctly, the wasps will find their way through any gaps to sting you. Remember, wasps are incredibly aggressive, so make sure all loose clothing is tucked in and sealed, eliminating any potential openings.

Bee suits are generally made to protect the beekeepers who wear them from honeybees. There are several types of bee suits, varying in quality. Sometimes it is even possible for bees to sting through a bee suit if the fabric is stretched tight against your skin, and there is no clothing between the suit and your skin. However, that is not a case of a bad quality suit, just a wrong size or incorrect wearing of the suit.

Although no beekeeping suit can claim to be 100% sting proof, many people wear shorts and a t-shirt underneath their suit because the three layers of fabric offer them enough and efficient sting protection. You should also always remember to carefully close the zipper of your suit all the way so that no insects can get inside and sting you directly.

Wasps can sting through leather, so you wouldn’t want to wear your leather gloves when working with them. Get yourself glover with at least three layers of fabric, as their stingers will not be able to penetrate that much fabric!

When it comes to yellow jacket wasps, you are pretty much covered! It doesn’t matter whether you have hornets in your house or garage, yellow jackets in your front or back yard, or even spiders in your basement; a standard bee suit will be able to provide you with enough protection.

It is always better for a bee suit to be too loose than too snug. You can wear your extra layers of clothing underneath, and the fabric of the suit will not stretch so thin so that the bees or waps will be able to penetrate it with their stingers.

You can buy a premium quality suit that will be able to protect you from wasps, where no extra clothing will need to be added underneath the suit. Although you would be more likely to find such a suit in an exterminator’s truck than in a beekeeper’s house, if wasps are a massive problem, it might just be a smart choice.

The thicker and stronger a suit is, the more challenging and annoying it can be to work in it. Generally, we wouldn’t want to wear suits any thicker and more robust than necessary to deal with our sweet honeybees!


It is no secret that wasps are a natural pest! The good news is that if you have access to a bee smoker, you can rest assured, knowing that it will work on wasps as well. If you do not have a bee smoker, you can always start a fire to generate smoke. To generate smoke from a fire is also a recommended method to remove wasps from their nest.

There are several ways to eliminate these annoying wasps, but chemical-free options are always the best options. Remember, if you are allergic to wasps, it is definitely worth looking for a reliable pest control contractor to exterminate them safely for you. As mentioned above, always wear your bee suit when it comes to a wasps situation, as it will shrink the risk of you getting stung repeatedly and getting severely hurt.

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