How do you prevent bees from nesting on your property?


Bees play an important role in our ecosystem as pollinators, but when they’re nesting on your property it can be a nuisance. Bee nesting is a common problem, and you need to take the proper steps in order to prevent them from settling in. With a few simple changes, you can ensure that bees are kept away from your home or business. In this article, we will explore the various methods for preventing bee nesting on your property, from non-toxic deterrents to sealing and caulking entry points.

Identifying Common Nesting Sites for Bees

The first step to preventing bee nests on your property is to identify possible nesting sites. Bees are attracted to areas with plenty of food sources, such as flowering trees, shrubs and plants. They also prefer areas with plenty of sunlight, and are particularly fond of sheltered areas. Hollow trees and other cavities are common nesting spots, so look out for any in your local area.

Non-Toxic Methods for Bee Deterrence

Once you have identified potential nesting sites, there are a few non-toxic ways to deter bees. You can try scattering herbs or spices like cinnamon or pepper around the area, as bees are repelled by strong smells. You can also hang strings of reflective material in the air, as bees don’t like the sudden movements created by their reflection.

Landscaping and Gardening Techniques to Prevent Nesting

Landscaping and gardening can also help to keep bees away from your property. Plant trees and shrubs with small flowers, as these will attract fewer bees. If possible, avoid planting plants with large, highly fragrant flowers. Cut down dead trees and bushes, as bees are drawn to decaying wood. Keep all plant material around the property trimmed and pruned.

Sealing and Caulking: How to Block Entry Points

If bees are already nesting on your property, or if you want to prevent them from entering in the first place, you can use sealing and caulking. Look out for any potential entry points around the house, such as cracks and crevices. Sealing them with caulk will help to block the bees from entering.

Professional Removal and Extermination: When to Call in the Experts

In some cases, it may be necessary to call in professional bee removal experts. If the bees have already established a nest on your property, it is best to contact an experienced team. They can safely remove the nest without hurting the environment. They will also be able to identify potential entry points around the house and can help to prevent future nesting.


Bees are an important part of the ecosystem and should be respected, however, they can be a nuisance when they are nesting on your property. It is important to take the necessary steps in order to keep them away. Identify possible nesting sites and use non-toxic deterrents, landscaping and gardening techniques, and sealing and caulking to prevent bees from settling in. If necessary, contact professional removal and extermination experts in order to safely remove the nest from your property. Taking these steps will help ensure that your property remains bee-free.

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